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Treasure Island Media
Treasure Island: Fuck Off Homo

Treasure Island Media, Fuck Off Homo


Summary/ Description:
Fuck Off Homo DVD is a bunch of homos getting off. The chemistry and camaraderie is real. The need to breed is primal and visceral. Imagine being a fly on the wall when Bamm Bamm, Tommy DeLuca, Luke Harding, Kyle Ferris, Adam Isaacs, Marcus Isaacs, Champ Robinson, Adam Russo, Jon Shield and Draven Torres are allowed to roam at a sexparty and told to they can do whatever they want. You know if you put those 10 guys together a lot of holes are going to be fucked and a lot of cum is going to squirt!

Treasure Island Media, Fuck Off Homo


Scene 1

Treasure Island Media, Fuck Off Homo

Daybreak at the bar and it’s time to get it in and fuck it off homo or be left to go home and rub one out. Ray Dalton (and his signature jar of Vaseline) spies UK whore Jason Stormme salivating over the bulge in Ray’s shorts. Austin Chandler catches all this going down from the other side of the pinball machine, just as his cock starts to go up letting him know it needs some penetration too. Some crotch baiting, dick sucking, pants-around-the-ankles and Jason is down on the floor taking cocks from both ends. Ray has his dick in the guy’s mouth and Austin sneaks up from behind and unceremoniously shoves it in the hole. The men take turns fucking when the impatient greed of needing your cock in a warm wet place takes over and Austin suddenly finds himself impaled by Ray’s dick while he is still deep inside Jason. Jason’s dick decides it wants some ass too and Austin’s is already opened up so what the fuck and he slides it right in cos’ payback is a bitch. The sandwich fucking that follows is magnificent. Nothing better than seeing 2 cocks in 2 holes at the same time. Except for maybe when Ray’s cock in Austin’s hole spontaneously makes Austin’s cock erupt inside of Jason. Special thanks to ROCKBAR NYC.

Scene 2

Treasure Island Media, Fuck Off Homo

Alternadude Michael Phoenix has one of the prettiest pieces of meat I’ve ever seen. It is a beauty of a cock that was made to be in porn. Owen Powers is the cockslut that was born to serve and worship it. Owen starts off using his mouth to get Michael’s dick as hard and ready as possible providing the perfect view of it for you. If you know Owen you know he wants it up his ass as much as he enjoys tuning it orally. Michael’s split tongue leaps into action rimming the boybutt, getting his ass nice and wet and ready for a good pounding. When Owen has been begging just long enough and his ass is twitching real good, Michael stuffs it in and starts to fuck. This is a spellbinding good breeding.

Scene 3

Treasure Island Media, Fuck Off Homo

There was not much that I wouldn’t do to get British porn star Adam Tremadoc to emerge from retirement. I’ve been working on the man for years. Having met him in London when he got a blowjob from Dawson in UK BEEF BANGERS, we had unfinished business. I wanted to see him sperm a hole. Kyle Ferris and his ragatag fine behind did just the trick to get Adam to make his bareback fuck debut. Kyle is an accommodating and gracious whore – he knows how to offer up all his holes to mandick. Adam gags his mouth with his uncut cock demanding and controlling the way this fuck is going to go down. Tossing him all over the bed, making him ride that cock and finally shoving him face down ass up that’s the way he likes to fuck, Adam brutally grinds his tool deeper and harder until his manjuice erupts in a volcanic explosion aimed right for Kyle’s innards. Just the way we like it.

Scene 4

Treasure Island Media, Fuck Off Homo

Two buds go out on the town in search of pussy and then come back to their hotel room empty handed but still horny. Drunk and ready to pass out in their tightie whities, their hard cocks keep them from falling asleep. A stiff boner trumps rational thought. With no one else around and no else needing to know this can be their little secret. That is the scenario from one of my all time favorite classic porn scenes. For Gavin Greene and Lucas Knight, still boned up from double fucking a chick in FUCK HOLES 3 the night before, that might as well be what is going on here. These two studs have ridiculously big cocks. I mean they are seriously blessed in their pants. They don’t mind helping a buddy out in a time of need. Mutual blowjobs lead to some serious ass fucking with Gavin’s piece ending up in Lucas’ hole proving he is just as happy to take it up the ass as to give it. If you are a fan of Lucas Knight (as I am) he has shot the last of his final porn scenes. So sit back and enjoy this and his cock one more time as one of his swan song video appearances.

Scene 5

Treasure Island Media, Fuck Off Homo

Sam Bridle and Eddie are two of my favorite tops. I love their dicks and I love watching them fuck. They mate with such a joyous abandon in their mandate to get their cum inside another guy’s hole. They also really get off on it when a hole has cum inside it already and they get to turn it into an even bigger sloppy cummy mess. Coincidentally within a few days of each other, they separately contacted me and asked if I could hook them up with each other. At first I thought they wanted to fuck each other, but no, they wanted to tag team a slut together. Lucky horndog Mica Medina is the lucky bastard who lives out his dream fantasy of getting fucked by Sam and Eddie at the same time. The boys leave no orifice unused as they slide their huge cocks from hole to hole leaving Mica one happy cumpig. My favorite part of the scene (and there are many) is a moment after they have both had a turn fucking and begin to egg each other’s dicks on into Mica’s bent over body. Switching off faster and faster, grabbing the other’s dick, guiding it in and helping it fuck, tonguing the hole and the other cock, crushing between the other’s legs as they slam away. It got them so worked up it wasn’t much longer before the cum was shooting everywhere. Scene 6
That was already a porn movie unto itself when along comes this other fuckfest inside the fuckfest. I invited 10 men to come over and told them to do whatever they want. 3 rooms, 10 porn stars and carte blanche to fuck, suck, piss, and breed. This is less a porn scene and more a reality videotaped sex party with a bunch of horny men being followed around with cameras. The scene was shot just as a blizzard was hitting New York City adding that eerie sense that we gotta fuck off now before we all get snowed in.

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 128 mins, Year: 2016

Price: Around £36*

Starring: Aaron, Alex, Alexis, Barbon, Brandon, Davis, Eduardo, Erwin, Jackson, Johann, Michoacano, Montalvo, Pako, "Sewer Boy", Yorch

Director: Max Sohl

Studio: Treasure Island Media

Buy DVDs online at: Homoactive, and (USA)

Downloads Treasure Island Media titles at: Homoactive (UK/EU) and Radvideo (USA)

Country: USA, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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Welcome to our heaven on earth, the universal brotherhood of mansex. Sick Fucks is a series of initiations pulled from bathhouses, motels and satanic halls. Our goal: to lay bare man's dark desires! This is not your Grandfather's porn. Sit back, saddle up, and prepare to be changed. Look deep into this abyss and you’ll find your real Self staring back with a depraved grin on His face!

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Treasure Island Media,We Are Coming For You

Manfucking is the heart and seed not only of a cult or a culture, but of a world. We embrace and embody our primal and native behaviors as men. We are the spawn of the daemons of our sex: our fucking is the holy consecration of ourselves and our world. To those who thoughtlessly or maliciously try to diminish, shame or impede any of our kind, to those who resist the inevitable and ancient power of who we are and what we have performed together since the dawn of time, I say with all my heart I AM COMING FOR YOU.

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Also available from Treasure Island Media: Buggery
Treasure Island Media, Buggery

Buggery - the offense of male anal copulation. Sodomy. The depravity of the beast. You name it, the descriptions are varied, but the guys from TIM don't care about descriptions. They just want cock! Dayton is ambling down the strip in Vegas when a fucked-up and obviously bone-hungry man-slut sidles up to him and tells him that he's on a sperm-collecting expedition.

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Also available from Treasure Island Media: Mexican Cumwhores
Treasure Island Media, Mexican Cumwhores

The TIM team in Mexico is incredible and passionate. They scour every place from the biggest cities to tiny remote villages to find the most virile studs and the hungriest man-whores Mexico has to offer! Warning: Title contains scenes with piss and fisting!

Please click here for more information or to buy

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