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Treasure Island Media
Treasure Island Media: Viral Loads

Treasure Island Media, Viral Loads


Summary/ Description:
Mansex is a virus, one that uses men as its host. Some try to resist it. Others embrace it as the source of life and meaning. The guys from TIM live to breed the sex-virus, to pass it on to every random anonymous dude we meet and fuck. It’s how they reproduce, man. They shoot viral loads every time. Their jizz ain’t for making babies. Their sex spreads like wildfire, squirting out of one man’s dick, shooting deep inside another, then another and another. Join in and you’ll never look back.

Treasure Island Media, Viral Loads

escription / Review:
Scene 1: Adult Bookstore Basement Fuck
Here’s the question: can you rape the willing? And here’s the answer: Yep. Just hook up uber-whore Blue Bailey with brutal bung-banger Steven Richards and let nature take its course. Little-boy Blue gets bossed, tossed, and abused for all he’s worth and keeps a-crawlin’ back for more.??This is raw-raging dick-ramming savage fucking. No mercy, no gentleness, no nice. Steven uses Blue’s body like a psychotic sexmaniac with his perfect victim. Fuck the whore’s hole, then ram his throat, then back to his ass—back and forth till the manseed spills, hot ’n’ frothy, charged ’n’ potent. And Blue’s bunghole puckers and sucks up every slimy drop of daddy’s spooge.??Atta boy!

Scene 2: Blue's Gloryhole Dessert
After Blue got his butt fucked royally, he sat around and chatted with us for a while. Then he mentioned that he was hungry for the taste of more dick and sperm. Now, there’s no dick and no sperm like those you take through a filthy ol’ glory hole. And since we were already in the dank basement of a porn store, we just climbed up the stairs and Blue sucked a couple real big dicks.??A few drops of one guy’s load dribbles to the floor, so Blue got on down and daintily slurped it up. Then licked the filthy booth wall for a lingering taste of salty jizz.

Treasure Island Media, Viral Loads

Scene 3: Blue's Man-worship Gangbang
Blue got in touch with me the next day and said he wanted some kind of man-worship initiation. So I took a few days to set it up. When he enters the room, he knows he’s in for a real rite of passage. The willing, hungry lad gets gang-fucked by a roomful of studs. Most are poz, some are neg. Who the fuck cares? Not Blue, that’s for fuckin’ sure. ??To finish up his man worship initiation, we bring out a brimful jar full of more than 200 poz loads. Blue’s good buddies Dayton O’Connor and Drew Sebastian carefully squirt every fucking drop up Blue’s knocked-up ass. Max X slurps Blue’s jizz-leaking ass throughout, establishing himself as the new world’s felching-champeen.

Scene 4: Logan, Dayton and Leon
Three men on a bed. Two tops and one bottom. All three crazy in lust. Pure man-to-man-to-man bliss.
Scene 5: Quick Roadside Fuck
The day after Dayton's 3-way with Logan and Leon, he and Jaxon were driving back home down the Cali coast. The impulse hit and it hit hard, so they pulled off and Dayton pumped Jaxson's hop-head hole and shot a load nice ’n’ deep. Then back on the road, pardner.

Scene 6: Pure Trash
I truly love man-trash. You know the type: in and out of jail. Tattooed. The brain is a bit foggy because most of their thinking is done from between their legs. Here’s Anthony Bartkus, a scrawny trailer park stud with a real big cock, and Pete Summers, a sexy, fleshy whore-bottom who needs a dick in him and a load shot real nice and deep.

Scene 7: Complete Again
It’s a little more than a year since Nick's leg was torn off in one horrific highway crash. Truth be told, he’s lucky to be alive. But he finally got his new leg and now, well, he’s ready to feel complete again. How d’you do that? Here’s how. Believe it.

Treasure Island Media, Viral Loads

Scene 8: Cheap Motel, Sleazy Fuck
You ever have one of those buddies who is just about 98% unadulterated cock-hunger? Sure, maybe they have a job. Yeah, they feed themselves, the whole thing. But they live and breathe to take cock, to open their always-famished ass to any cock at all. That’s Rad Matthews, one of the most decent and good-hearted men I’ve met. And a cock-hound without peer. If this guy’s ass-hole could talk, it’d be chirpin’ like a happy li’l bluebird.??Here he is in a cheap motel with a young hung sex-addict. They make each other real happy.

Scene 9: Gold From the Vault (Never before seen)
Sometimes a fuck session happens that’s so fine that I put it in the vault like a bottle of great wine. This is one of ‘em, featuring Brad McGuire, Austin Shadow and Alan Gregory on what honestly may have been their finest fuck-day ever.??This is straight from my private vault and has never been seen before.

Mansex is a wilderness for the exploring. There are many who want to post “off limits!” signs, who want to scare you into cautious monogamy and straight-laced behavior. Yes, there are plenty of scared do-good folk who want to tame our willdman sex culture, to parcel it out and subdivide it and make folks be safe and settled and civilized.

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 136 mins, Year: 2014

Price: Around £36*

Starring: Alan Gregory, Anthony Bartkus, Austin Shadow, Blue Bailey, Brad McGuire, Corey Bengal, Dayton O’Connor, DJ, Drake Corrigan, Drew Sebastian, Element Eclipse, Jack Hammer, Jaxon Jones, Leon Fox, Logan Stevens, Nick, Noah Paris, Pete Summers, Rad Matthews, Steven Richards

Director: Paul Morris

Studio: Treasure Island Media

Buy DVDs online at: Homoactive, and (USA)

Downloads Treasure Island Media titles at: Homoactive (UK/EU) and Radvideo (USA)

Country: USA, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

Also available from Treasure Island Media: Fuck Volume 2
Treasure Island, Fuck Volume 2

By popular demand, Treasure Island Media is proud to present the second volume of exclusive bareback scenes from Paul Morris's premier fuck site, From real-life lovers to hungry fuck buddies to strangers with an instant connection, TIMFuck Vol. 2 features blazing hot one-on-one and frenzied gangbangs that are sure to get you where you want to go.

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Also available from Treasure Island Media: Return To Meat Rack
Treasure Island, Return To Meat Rack

In Park & Ride, director Max Sohl combines everything you love about classic porn with Treasure Island Media's "no holds barred" brand of raw fucking and sucking, bringing it all together in his own singular style.

Please click here for more information or to buy

Also available from Treasure Island Media: In The Flesh
Treasure Island Media, In The Flesh

It's the fifth and filthiest video from Liam Cole, our man in Europe. IN THE FLESH is 3 solid hours in the company of 34 men devoting mind and body to the shared experience of shameless raw-fucking animal release. Liam records this ever-growing sexual underworld of those who fuck without fear or caution. His videos are an affirmation to every man who lives this way, and a call to all those who don't: you may be missing out on the time of your life

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Also available from Treasure Island Media: Up The Gut
Treasure Island, Up The Gut

Up The Gut features some of the biggest-cocked master topmen ever assembled unremorsefully getting their fuck on and then delivering their precious jizz up the guts of some of Max Sohl's favourite power bottoms. In each scene a domineering stallion mercilessly rapes the holes of a man who is all too happy to submit himself to the manhood he knows he is there to please.

Please click here for more information or to buy

Also available from Treasure Island Media: Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes 3
Treasure Island Media, Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes 3

Get ready for more hot European action, as Eric from Paris continues his exploration of Continental male sexuality. In ERIC'S RAW FUCK TAPES 3, Eric chronicles the sexual encounters he and other lucky cumpigs have with some of Europe's most licentious fuckers, including the infamous Peto Coast and Thom Barron.

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Please click here for more information or to buy


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